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LEE Universal 5 Tube Case Feed Magazine and Collator Kit

LEE Precision

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The Ultimate kit to upgrade your reloading press and speed up the process,

The 5 tube case feed magazine with universal case collator helps automate the case feeding operation while allowing fast and efficient filling of the tubes. This kit helps increase load rate and has been optimised for bottleneck cartridges.

The case collator features a next-gen case diverter which prevents inverted cases and promotes quicker filling. The hole mask allows for proper head down orientation of even the smallest pistol cases, while agitation ribs promoted expedited tube filling. The improved model features a 40% greater load capacity over the original case collator.

This kit automates the case feeding operation on the following presses:

  • Pro 1000
  • Pro 4000
  • Six Pack Pro
  • APP (Automatic Processing Press)
  • Deluxe APP
  • Auto Breech Lock Pro
  • Loadmaster

NOTE: If using an older iterations of the Pro 1000 or Loadmaster press, use the original case collator (90242).

NOTE: Press pictured is not included.

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