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Earmor M20T Bluetooth Wireless Electronic Earbuds - Tactical Black


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The Earmor M20T Wireless Earbuds are in-ear electronic hearing protectors that suppress hazardous noise above 82dB, while amplifying normal sound, improving situational awareness and communication - ideal for a variety shooting scenarios!

The Wireless Bluetooth 5.3 connection function can connect devices in a state of noise reduction, allowing you to freely listen to music or answer calls, meaning you can use these as headphones for your favourite tunes or podcasts during the week, and then as professional grade shooting hearing protection on the weekend!

Includes a compact USB-C rechargeable storage case to charge on the go, the earbuds provide an incredible 8 hour battery life, making these the ideal hearing protection for shooters who spend a lot of time in the field or at the range.

Key benefits of electronic hearing protectors:

1. Allow you to hear normally and even enhance standard sounds: speech, commands, instructions, sounds from surrounding environment.
2. 100% protection for your hearing while shooting.
3. Earbuds allow for compact profile on your head, unlike bulkier ear muffs.
4. Bluetooth function allows connection to smart devices to listen to music or answer calls.


- Noise Reduction Rating - +NRR26
- Intuitive single button operation
- 8hr battery life
- 3 sounds modes: Indoor, Outdoor and Silent
- Low battery power prompt
- IPX-4 water resistant
- Includes 3 sizes of foam tips and fins to ensure a perfect fit to any ear
- Noise suppression in under 0.5 milliseconds
- Automatic shut off when not in use

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