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Pro-Tactical Camo Outdoor Sports Head Scarf Buff


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The Pro-Tactical Outdoor Sports MultI-Purpose headscarf is a stretchable tubular accessory which is ideal for all kinds of outdoor activities. 

It is designed to protect your face from the cold winter winds, and the hot summer sun while hunting, fishing, hiking and any outdoor adventure. The material is a lightweight, breathable, microfiber fabric to suit any person, and is also extremely comfortable to wear. 

Designed in the Koorangie Camo print which directly reflects the dry terrain of the Australian outback which helps to blend in perfectly with the local surroundings while hunting.


  • Protects the Face and Neck from the Sun
  • Great for Fishing, Hunting, Camping, Biking and any Outdoor Adventure Activity
  • Koorangie Camo Design
  • Lightweight, Breathable and Stretchable Material
  • One Size Fits All

Can Be Worn As:

  • Headband, Wristband, Facemask, Balaclava, Beanie, Bandana, Scarf, Scrunchie, Hair-Band and More!
2 Year Warranty

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